This a Crown oil boiler with a Carlin conversion gas burner.
Handy Men of America Inc, Dba New Jersey Oil & Gas Inc, NJ HIC No. 13VH04670800 - NJ Plumber Contractor License No. 12211
We install service air conditioning in New Jersey. We also repair many types of AC units including chillers, central air conditioning, ductless mini-split AC sytems, oil furnace with central AC, and gas furnace with central AC.
Our NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification on gas furnace installation and service plus NATE certification on oil furnace installation and service assures you the finest in HVACR. We are also licensed as a Master HVACR Contractor in the State of Jew Jersey. We offer 25% off labor for senior citizens.

Let us convert you to high efficiency gas furnaces with air conditioning or install a ductless minisplit AC system for your home or business. We also service residential and commercial AC chillers and rebuild or repair chiller water pumps.
New Jersey Oil & Gas



NATE Certified Oil & Gas Heat Installation & Service

Oil & Gas Boiler, Furnace & Burner Repair

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Call (973) 777-2932 for AC Service & Furnace Repairs

Handy Men of America Inc.
A DBA of Handymen of America

Master HVAC Service - Chimney Flue & Liner Installation

Oil to Gas Conversion - Installation & Service

Air Conditioning Service - Central & Ductless AC Repair

Residential, Commercial Boiler, Furnace Repair, AC Service

Oil and Gas Hot Water Coil Cleaning

                                                                                                            NEW JERSEY OIL & GAS Home and Business HVAC Services

New Jersey Oil and Gas is your one stop place for HVAC sales and service. We take care of your HVAC needs so that it runs efficiently, provides comfort and is reliable. Our HVAC installations are guaranteed for three years in material, labor and the equipment itself. We install and service air conditioning in New Jersey. We install commercial chillers, central air, and ductless AC. We also repair air conditioning equipment from Mitsubishi, Daikin, LG, Carrier, Goodman, York, Trane, and many others. We are trained to properly handle refrigerants and also fix air conditioners that leaks. Let us make your air conditioning system perform at its peak efficiency!

When it comes to forced air heating we provide installation and service for fuel oil and gas heat. We install and service oil furnaces with central air conditioning plus gas furnaces with central air conditioning. We also have the means to help destroy the Coronavirus and other pathogens, plus purify the indoor air you breathe for home and business.

If your home or business uses oil heat utilizing steam or hot water heating we install and service oil boilers and burners. We provide HVAC repairs for boilers, furnaces, and burners that runs on fuel oil. We also repair HVAC plumbing for oil heat. If you are using oil for boilers that provide steam heat, we have an array of services dedicated to steam environments that is available to you. We repair leaking steam pipes that supply steam and condensation pipes for the returning water. We can neutralize rust water so that the boiler plus the steam piping for the building or house will have a very long service life. we also take care of steam radiators. When it comes to oil boilers that produces heat from hot water we make repairs on leaking water pipes, pumps, expansion tanks, baseboard heating, air bleeder valves, and all types of hydronic problems for hot water heating. When we tune-up oil boilers, oil burners, and oil furnaces, we replace oil filters, fuel oil pump screens, flame sensors, nozzles, clean and adjust the electrodes, bleed the air from the fuel oil line among other things such as cleaning the heat exchanger, combustion chamber, flue pipe and chimney. When it comes to oil heat service you can depend on us to fix it right. We are NATE certified on oil furnaces installation and service.

When it is time to switch from fuel oil to natural gas we can transition you effectively and efficiencly because we are also NATE certified on gas furnace installation and service.
Oil to gas conversions are central to our oil and gas heat services. We file the necessary permits on your behalf and coordinate with your Gas Utility company. We install the gas piping and air test it afterwards. Air Testing is done when we pressurize the gas piping system and monitor it for safety, assuring that there will be no leaks under natural gas use. Whether you need a boiler, a furnace, or just a burner conversion we make the assesment on what works best for you. It is just a gas burner conversion from oil, we clean the boiler's heat exchanger, combustion chamber, flue pipe and base of the chimney. We also replace the front and rear refractory plus the insulation bedding of the combustion chamber before installing a new gas burner. At this point in the oil to gas burner conversion, we install block vent proterction to allow the boiler to shut down in case of chimney blockage to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning.

In installing gas boilers we only install high quality boilers such as from Weil McLain, Peerless, and other USA made manufacturers. We install and service steam gas boilers, hot water gas boilers, and gas furnaces. If you need a chimney liner for you gas appliance or equipment we install that too. We install commercial heavy duty stainless steel chimney liners with a rain cap and pest screen.

Welcome to New Jersey Oil and Gas.

About US: We are your one stop premier servicer of HVAC equipment in NJ.
We are: New Jersey Licensed & Certified HVACR Professionals.
NATE certifies the finest in HVACR. We are NATE certified on Oil and GAS installation and service.

Efficiency while utilizing "Best of Breed in Materials and Services" is what we provide.

Also trained and certified as an Energy Efficiency Tech, we can provide you with heating or cooling that pay for itself through energy savings, plus helps protect our planet.

Our Master HVACR Assessment: Expect only the best from us when it comes to HVAC.
Our goal is to provide you HVAC service that is fit to your needs. When we do an HVAC assessment, your comfort, savings derived from having an efficient air conditioning system, reliability of the installed appliance, and safety are always in our primary objective when doing repair work, upgrades, or new installation.
Joseph Routis, Gen. Manager & Master HVACR - NJ Lic. No. 6627

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Our HVAC installations and service is always topnotch.
We guarantee both our residential and commercial clients a three year warranty on materials, labor, and the installed equipment itself.

If you are having repair work done, our work has a one year warranty and comes with a money back guarantee on labor if we cannot fix the problem. You have nothing to lose even if others can't fix it. That is how confident we are in our ability to make repairs.

We guarantee to fix all problems that are solid in nature. Intermittent problems and leaking boilers due to rust have no guarantee.

HVAC Installation and Service in Newark, Jersey City, Hackensack, Paterson, Hoboken, Bayonne and other municipalities are available during off hours.

We provide expert and timely repairs at reasonable and competitive prices. Our repairs have a minimum one year warranty.

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Oil Heat Repairs
Our Master Troubleshooters will perform: Diagnosis and repairs down to the root cause of the problem(s). We are not parts swappers like others.
Flat rate charge, know your exact repair cost ahead of time.
Oil Boiler, Burner, Furnace
OIL Heat Installation & Maintenance

Precision Oil Heat Tune-up, Boiler, Burner, Furnace
$160 labor- 1st level tune-up, normally $200; just mention this ad.

Our NATE Oil Certified (North American Technician Excellence) service tech will perform a precision tune-up. First level: overall check, cleaning, adjustment, or replacement; filter, pump screen, flame sensor, spark, nozzle, electrodes, burner, piping, leaks, others.

2nd Level: varying service fees includes smoking & soot problems; chimney, flue, heat exchanger cleaning; fuel to air mixture adjustment; hot water coil; leaking pipe repair; exhaust problems; rust water neutralization, etc.
We install and service fuel oil heating which includes oil boilers, oil burner, and oil furnaces. If you have an oil furnace with central air conditioning we can provide service and support for both cooling and oil heat. Call us for all of your oil heat needs. We provide oil heat repair to both residential and commercial businesses. We tune-up oil boiler, oil furnace, and oil burners. We make sure that your oil heat is efficiently and reliably providing heat. When it comes to oil heat we are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified in providing oil furnace installations and oil heat service. Have us perform an assessment on your oil furnace, oil furnace with air conditioning, oil burner, or oil boiler. We fix all HVAC related problems with oil heat. We install above ground fuel oil tank with new or existing oil lines in New Jersey. We decommission and remove above ground oil storage tanks in NJ. We seal water leaks in oil boilers. We make repairs on oil leaks for oil burner, oil furnaces, and oil boilers in Northern New Jersey. We make HVAC oil heat plumbing repairs in Hudson, Passaic, Bergen, Union, Essex, Middlesex, Sussex and Morris Counties in New Jersey. We provide installation and service to chimneys , flue, liners using oil heat in Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, Bloomfield, Clifton, Hackensack, Garfield, Rahway, Belleville, Nutley, Union City, North Bergen, Wayne, Saddle Brook, Demarest, Teaneck, Fort Lee, Lodi, Cliffside Park, Linden, Elizabeth, Cranford, Edison, Dover, Franklin Lakes, Butler, Kinnelon, Plainfield, East Orange, West Orange, Orange, Harrison, West New York, Guttenberg, and other cities, boroughs of New Jersey. When it comes to oil boilers we install steam and oil heat boilers. We repair oil boilers with circulator pumps. We install water rust neutralizer on oil steam boilers to extend its longevity. We repair radiator problems for oil steam boilers. We repair baseboard heating for oil hot water boilers. And lastly, we convert from oil heat to using natural gas. We can convert your oil boiler, oil furnace with AC, or oil burner to burners that use natural gas. We can also replace your oil hot water boiler or oil steam boiler and change it to gas. We have converted many apartment buildings in Jersey City and Hoboken from oil to gas. We have converted a Church in Jersey City from oil to gas. Our oil to gas conversion has a three year guarantee on labor, parts, and the appliance itself.

Home & Business AC Service
Residential and Commercial air conditioning Installation and Service.
Ductless AC: Fuel-less Heating and Very High Efficiency Cooling
We are Trane/Mitsubishi and Fujitsu VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Certified to install and maintain Fuel-less Ductless cooling and heating systems.
We repair: Chillers, Central AC, Ductless AC, and High Velocity small diameter air conditioning such as from SpacePak and Unico. We also repair Ductless Mini-Split AC from LG, Daikin, Samsung, and others. When it comes to air conditioning, we troubleshoot and repair cooling problems in Northern New Jersey. We fix central air conditioning, and ductless air conditioning in New Jersey. We install and service central air with an oil furnace. We also install central air conditioning with a gas furnace. We service both residential and commercial air conditioning. Let find out for you what the best type of air conditioning is for your home or business. We can install high efficiency ductless mini-split air conditioning with heating for houses, office, churches, and organizations. We install and service Trane, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Daikin, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and other ductless ac systems. When it comes to ac chillers, we repair commercial and residential chillers. We repair or rebuild water pumps for chillers and other uses. Let us do the preventative maintenance for your air conditioning at your home or business.

GAS Heat Service:
NATE Certified Gas Installation & Service: Boiler, Burner, and Furnace.
Gas Furnace with Air Conditioning Installation:
Our gas furnace installation with central air conditioning saves you money and helps pay for itself. Enjoy both comfort and saving money.
Gas Boiler Replacement: We install gas steam boilers and gas hot water boilers. We also install gas hot water on demand, tank and tank-less hot water for domestic use. With gas heat we are also NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified on gas furnace installation and service. We service gas boiler, gas furnace, gas furnace with central air conditioning, and gas burners. We convert oil heat to natural gas. We fix all types of gas boiler, gas furnace, and gas burner problems. We service gas heat in Northern New Jersey. We repair commercial and residential gas boiler that includes steam and hot water. If you have a gas heat problem in Newark, Jersey City, Bayonne, Bloomfield, Harrison, Hoboken, Clifton, Union, Irvington, Hillside, Verona, or other areas in Northern New Jersey we can provide you with gas boiler, burner, or furnace repair. Essentially, we provide the same HVAC expertise to our gas customers as we do with our oil heat customers.

HVAC Plumbing, Chimney Flue & Liner:
We make chimney repairs; install flue, stainless steel liners, and chimney rain caps with pest screen. We also repair rusted, leaking HVAC pipes.

In NJ we offer a 25% discount off labor to our Senior Citizens.

We constantly strive to be always in communication with our valued customers. We never stop until the job is done to customer satisfaction. If you have questions, special requests, or concerns just drop us a line. Get a free quote now, or for emergency service, please contact us at your convenience. We look forward to serving you! We guarantee our work.

Call New Jersey Oil and Gas for fast, efficient, and courteous service. New Jersey Oil and Gas is a Dba of Handymen of America Inc.
Joseph Routis, Gen. Manager & Master HVACR - NJ Lic. No. 6627
We service oil boiler, oil burner, and oil furnaces in Newark, Jersey City Linden, Elizabeth, Clifton, Wayne, other cities in NJ.

We provide you service Day & Night!

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We install Goddman air conditioning units in Passaic, Hudson, Essex, Union, Bergen, Somerset, and Middlesex Counties We service AC Chillers in New Jersey such as the one used for this MRI scanner.
This is the exhaust from very high efficiency gas tank-less hot water heaters on demand. A high efficiency Burnham hot water boiler installed in Clifton, Passaic County, NJ. When we convert apartment building in New Jersey this is one of the Gas Meters that are used We repair LG, Mitsubishi, and Fujitsu Ductless AC as well as from other air conditioning manufacturers We are Mitsubishi and Fujitsu factory trained of VRF air conditioning sars-cov-2_removal_-_ac_service_and_boiler_furnace_repair001010.jpg We install and service central AC for homes and businesses in New Jersey.

Use HVAC to Kill and Remove Covid-19 and other Viruses.

Why suffer through another "Blunt Economic Shutdown" because of SARS-Cov-2?

SARS-Cov-2 Removal, AC Service, Furnace and Boiler Repair

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